Thursday, October 2, 2014

BLOGGER OF THE WEEK: Mackenzie-Mrs. McAvoy's Class

Here is our first Kindergarten "Blogger of the Week."  Thank you Mackenzie for creating such a great story!

My Day with My Family at the Pumpkin Patch
The pumpkin patch is fun. It has lots of pumpkins. We picked lots of different types of pumpkins. We picked big ones and small ones. We picked orange, white, yellow and green pumpkins. I named all of the pumpkins we picked. I named them Hand Pumpkin, and Chicken Pox Pumpkin. We also saw different kinds of squash. My favorite was the big green squash. We also got to ride in a wagon with our pumpkins.  My grandma came with us. We took lots of pictures with our pumpkins. Even baby Vivienne got to play in the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch also had dinosaur skeleton, rocking horses, and corn fields.  I heard crickets in the fields.  It was a very fun day.